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Thread: Nuby Bottles

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    Anyone heard of these. They don't drip unless LO sucks. Although I will bring LO to work with me, there will probably be days where I'm really busy and may want to leave her at home with DH. My LO had nipple confusion b/c I have to supplement. Now I've been using the SNS and things are much better. I'm scared to ever use a bottle again but I may have to when work starts next week.

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    I'm new the the forums and need some help clarifying some of the 'text' speak that is used. SNS??? DH??? I can figure out some but not all of them. I am wondering because I am having the same problems with my LO with nipple confusion except it has not yet been resolved.

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    I'm sorry I have no advice about the bottles. We went straight to sippy cups and then we added playtex bottles around 10 months. I'm sorry I didnt see how old your LO is.

    Here is a sight that can help the other mother out with the short hand
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