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Thread: Starting Solids & Pumping

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    Question Starting Solids & Pumping

    Since our LO turned 4 months he's been getting oatmeal right before bed. I would manually express enough Breast milk for the cereal from one breast. DH would feed him & then I would nurse him to sleep starting with the breast I expressed for his cereal... All was well.

    Now that LO is 6 months & showing intereset in foods, the ped suggested having Grandma give LO oatmeal for breakfast along with the breast milk. Then some time a baby food for lunch with the breast milk. Then for us to give baby food for dinner with his juice, then again the oatmeal before bed.

    I offer the breast whenever he seems fussy... he usually only takes if for a few minutes, usually long enough to make me comfortable.

    This weekend was the first weekend since a full week of this feeding schedule. I notice that I needed to pump since he was not eating as frequent as I would pump while @ work. Then last night I awoke @ 2am with HARD breasts. I thought I could wait till LO woke between 5 & 6 for his feeding before going to grandma's but the more I laid in bed the worst it got. I went ahead & pumped & filled both 5oz bottles to the rim. The most I ever got pumping was a bottle filled to the brim... I also noticed that I have been leaking during the night since we've started the solids. I haven't leaked in so long... I can't remember the last time I had to use breast pads...

    So today I tried spacing out my pumping session @ work. I'm going to try to go with only 2 sessions, instead of 3. I'd really like to cut down on how much time I spend pumping here @ work...

    Now do you think it'll hurt if I continue to pump in the mornigs since I produced so much milk? I'm not going to take away from LO's first feeding of the day?
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    I've found that its best for me to pump before I go to bed my bg nurse for the last time around 7:30pm so I can pump around 9:30pm or 10 and go all night and still be comfortable until my bg wakes up at 6:30am and nurses then I usually pump on my first break @10am(I've occasionally had to pump right after nursing her in the morn if she didn't eat as much). Hope this is helpful. If you pump before u nurse your lo he can still nurse it may just take longer for him to get what he needs to fill up (my bg was never patient enough she just got frustrated) I read somewhere to wait an hour between pumping and nursing if you pump first.

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    Did i understand correctly that you went from one solid feeding to 4 the next day??? IMO that was too much too soon. We gradually increased by adding only an oz more food every week or so, maybe not even that much. i would also nurse before she got any solid food. there is enough nurtition in your bm that solids aren't really needed in great quantities... how long do you plan on bfing???

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