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Thread: Should I express milk?

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    Default Should I express milk?

    I have a 4 weeks-old baby and I´m breastfeeding him. He usually eats from one breast and then when I offer him the second breast he won´t eat. Should I express the milk from this breast or will I get OS?

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    I've only ever nursed my DD from one side per feed and don't express the other side. I would say if you are uncomfortably full then maybe hand express a little bit just to relieve the discomfort. But, if not, then don't worry about it.
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    Default Re: Should I express milk?

    If he's happy with just one side then there's no need to express from the other side (though if you're planning on going back to work and will need a freezer supply of expressed milk, this might be a good opportunity to start stocking up using that un-nursed side). Just make sure he takes the un-nursed breast at the next feeding.
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