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Thread: when to start beans?

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    my son likes black eyed peas, lima beans, lentils and green beans.

    one note w/ the black eyed peas - the first time i fed them to him....he ate up ALL of them. but it took him 2 days to have a BM and (not to be graphic) all of the black eyed peas were swallowed whole w/out him chewing them! they came out whole on the other end. amazing. i was scared - but he didn't seem constipated or anything.

    he has 6 teeth...but they were so small he just gulped them down.

    now, when i give him black eyed peas, i just cut them in half and he digests them really easily.

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    Default Re: when to start beans?

    We did black beans for the first time the other day and DD loved them! Plus they were so easy for her to pick up. I have a question for those of you who talk about cooking them, though... are you talking about heating canned beans or cooking dried beans? We gave DD black beans from a can and didn't heat them or anything - should we have? They were soft...

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    Update: we have been doing black beans for the past week, and 10-month old LO absolutely LOVES them. Just shovels them in by the handful almost. I think we will try garbanzo beans next. I am doing canned beans, and I am not heating them. They would get cold anyway within 2 min of hitting his tray I'm sure.

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