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Thread: When should I give up the pump?

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    Default When should I give up the pump?

    My DS is now 26 months old. I am still pumping once a day for a bottle for him +/- 10 oz which he still drinks during the day. I know that he doesn't really need the nutrition anymore and he drinks plenty of other things like water and diluted juice and tea. Should I hang up the pump? If not now when? I feel guilty at the thought of not pumping anymore. He does still BF when he goes to bed, if wakes at night and first thing in the am. Any advice? We are also going on a big holiday at Christmas (we are in South Africa) and are planning to go to Egypt, and Europe - I don't really want to still be pumping during my holiday. How do I pump wean?

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    Default Re: When should I give up the pump?

    you could just nurse him more often on your trip....

    what kept me going thoose last few years was flu season!

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    You would pump wean just like you would "boob" wean. Slowly cut out sessions until you're hardly pumping at all anymore. HTH in whatever you decide.
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