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Thread: What would be a good.....

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    Default What would be a good.....

    Freezer, bottles (to use while pumping), storage container/s, shipping container/s (car trips and things like that) to use?

    As I am a BFing mother of twins. They are not yet exclusively BM. Also I'm staying at my mother-in-law's and would like to have a place that I can store my milk without worrying about the limited fridge space there is. I'm looking into getting a freezer for my hubby & I.
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    I use milk storage bags. If you lay them flat to freeze and then stack them (or put them in a giant zip lock bag) they hardly take up any room at all. You can get a variety of brands, Lansinoh being fairly popular.

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    yea i use freezer bags as well. they are specially made so that the fat content doesnt stick to the sides (like a ziplock bag would do)

    and the ones i use (lansinoh) have a double zipper and are of course sterilized.

    oh and i LOVE your signature pic. thats so sweet.
    good for you for BF twins! i think thats awesome.
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