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Thread: breast pump blues

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    Hello all, My first child is due 10-12-08 (4 more days and counting). Hopefully she'll be here on time!

    I have a good job assessing day care centers and after school programs for the state. So I travel 3 times a week all over NC. I contacted my insurance company to see if I could get some help paying for a pump. However, according to the North Carolina Department of Insurance, breast pumps are NOT covered under the state health plan since it is considered "cosmetic" and not a "medical necessity." So although substance abuse treatment is covered, things like hearing aids and breast pumps are not!

    I was wondering if any one had some resources to help. I am trying to do what is best for my baby and I know that breast feeding is the healthiest and most cost effective way to achieve that. However, good pumps are expensive and due to my job I need a good pump because I'll often have to pump in my car before and/or after an assessment depending on how long I am in the facility and how far I have to travel.

    If anyone has any advice or advocates to contact please let me know.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: breast pump blues

    Do you have a WIC program there? I think they will actually give you a pump. Worth looking into...Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*umbribyz View Post
    Do you have a WIC program there? I think they will actually give you a pump. Worth looking into...Good luck!
    That was the first thing that came to my mind.
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    Check on WIC

    If that doesn't pan out, here's a few more things:
    Check your local LLL group. Maybe there is a mom there that has a pump she doesn't need anymore? Also - maybe the group has a lead on how to get pumps cheaper than retail?

    Check any local moms groups. Maybe there is a mom there that has a pump she doesn't need anymore?

    Check Freecycle. Post a wanted on there and see. Maybe someone's got one sitting there collecting dust.

    Check Craigslist. And then check eBay.

    Don't fret about it just yet. You've still got a little bit of time. Lots of docs/midwives tell you not to pump for at least 4 weeks after delivery (to let your milk supply regulate).

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    Default Re: breast pump blues

    Thanks for the advice. I was unaware that WIC helped with breast pumps.

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    Default Re: breast pump blues

    also home medical places will rent them out. and it might not be too expensive.

    i know when i was in the hospital they gave me all the tubing for a medela ($50 value)

    and here they can be rented for about $50 a month.. but then again in a few months you could just buy one.

    dont worry you will figure it out. when i was about to give birth a lot of people were asking what i needed still, so if someone asks tell them you are in need of a breast pump.
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    I used the Ameda Purely Yours pump, which I think is just as good as the Medela PIS that most people seem to use, but is less expensive. It is also supposed to be somewhat safer to use 2nd hand because it is a closed system, so you could conceivably get one used and then buy your own attachments. It is still sold as a single user pump, so you should do your research first and see if you are comfortable with that option.

    Also keep in mind that the cost of formula would quickly outpace the cost of a pump within a few months.
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    Default Re: breast pump blues

    I know that you said that your insurance would not pay for it, but you may be able to find a way around that.

    I for example struggled with thrush and a large crack. My Dr. prescribed a pump to help with engorgement and the healing of the crack. This caused it to become a medical necessity. My Dr told me in not so many words that he would find a way to make it medically necessary in order to get a percentage paid for at least.

    Good luck to you- and I agree with pp that the formula costs (and/or frustration costs- and there are some with unferior pumps) would quickly surpass that of the pump in the first place. I know my sil pays about $60 a week to feed her dd formula. That's just five weeks to $300.

    One more note- my Medela PIS has a car adapter which makes it VERY convenient to pump in the car.

    Good luck to you.

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