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Thread: PCOS and breastfeeding

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    Red face PCOS and breastfeeding

    Hello! I am 26 weeks pregnant, but was diagnosed with PCOS prior to getting pregnant. I was able to conceive quickly with the help of metformin, but am a little nervous because I have read that some moms with PCOS have little to no milk supply because of the imbalance of hormones. Has anyone with PCOS been able to breastfeed? If so, any suggestions for me???

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    I've suffered from PCOS & endometriosis for years now. Unlike you metformin didn't work for me, was the biggest waste of 3 years for us. It took months on the pill without a cycle, then jump starting my cycles with proveria & a cycle of clomid to get our LO.

    Now I've been breast feeding for almost 6 months without much of a problem. There were some little scares where I thought my milk was drying up. But it was only due to illness or LOs growthspurts that led me to feel I wasn't making as much as before.

    The one thing I wish I would have done was pump after feedings when my milk first came in. I didn't do this & have only enough in my freezer for only 2 works days worth of backup milk.

    But I'm happy to annouce that I've been able to make enough milk for my little one since returning to work. Infact some weeks we end up with a bottle of milk un used which then goes towards a datenight or into our freezor as backup.
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    thanks for the response! i will definitely take your advice and pump after feedings...especially if it can help increase supply!

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    I also have PCOS and went through the process of Metformin, then provera and Clomid, and finally it was the Gonal-f injections that worked. I have fed for 5 months now and only just starting having production problems so I don't think it is related to the PCOS.

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    I was diagnosed with PCOS and not only did not have any under-supply problems -- I had over supply trouble! I have been breastfeeding without any under supply issues, for almost 18 months.

    I'm sure there are many individual variations in hormone levels, as well as other circumstances which may interfere with milk production. One of the most certain things that can interfere, however, is stress. So my advice is to continue to gain as much knowledge here as you can before your baby arrives, but don't go into breastfeeding anticipating problems. If they arise, you will deal with them -- that's sort of a fundamental lesson in parenting, IMO -- you can spend lots of time worrying about things that may never happen, or you can spend lots of time educating yourself and living in the present, so that you are able to handle things in the most appropriate way for your circumstances as they arise.

    Congratulations, and I wish you all the best!
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    I have a friend who has PCOS as well and needed clomid and she's had over supply problems as well. She nursed her oldest for almost 3yrs and her baby now is almost 5 mos old. She is very well endowed though and I thought the reason PCOS caused low supply is it was connected w/ underdevelopment of the breast tissue. Maybe if you're larger chested that means your o.k.

    I have some of the sxs but have never been dx as I have no problems w/ af or conceiving, but I do have LOTS of supply issues which can be associated w/ PCOS. Metformin while nursing is supposed to help w/ supply as well if you're having problems. Nothing normal has ever helped me so we're hoping to go heavy duty this time to see if we can get some more milk out.
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    I have PCOS and I'm successfully nursing my second child. I nursed my first until he was 14 months old and my second one is 2.5 months and no problems with nursing.

    Around 10 months my supply did drop, but I think that was due in part to my son drastically cutting back his feeds. Who knows, maybe he cut back his feeds because my supply dropped Not sure.

    Anyways, you can nurse with PCOS and not have supply problems. Its possible.
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    I know that it is very common for women to have trouble making enough milk if they have PCOS. It is a very encouraging that you were able to concieve because your hormones may be more balanced than many others women with this condition. Hopefully it will not be an issue buy if it is there are several medications that help increase milk with PCOS. I personally prefer herbal supplements. Goat Rue has seemed to work the best. I know it is avaiable through www.motherlove.com. You should see their website because there is lots of helpful info about PCOS. You should also look for a book coming out soon called making more milk by Diana West. I have seen a preview and there is tons of info spcific to PCOS problems. I hope this helps and good luck.

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