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Thread: feel happy and sad at the same time

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    Default feel happy and sad at the same time

    As I said in a previous post I think my milk has dried out. Trudie asked for milk this morning for the first time since Saturday as I was wearing a dress where she could see the "goods" when she was standing up and I was sitting on her floor getting her dressed. She asked for "Mommy Milk" and I told her it was all gone. She did not get toO upset and I gave her a hug and a kiss and told her we were going downstairs to have breakfast and she seemed okay with that except then she walked around behind me because she thought if she could unhook my bra from the back then maybe there would be some milk. Is it possible that I would not be able to get a single drop and she could get some is she latched on or does she just think they are comforting a familiar? I might have let her try but my dress was not very user friendly for nursing and we were running late for work and daycare. HAs anyone weaned but found there little ones continue to be interested/curious after weaning? Thanks for your input

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    I don't have any advice when my Lo was done she was done.. she still like to be cuddled like she is and will talk about my boo boos.. but that is about it...
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