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    I have a 2 month old boy. He is a great eater, but he has a little mouth abnormality, missing lingual frenulum which has the effects of a tongue tie, but can't be corrected. Lactation consultant said he can suck, but can't stick his tongue out to massage the areola, and that I might have to pump exclusively or supplement. Luckily, he is a very strong sucker, so even though it took us a bit to get used to each other, he has been breastfed without need for formula supplementation, and has gained like a champ. 12 lbs 13 oz on 2 month checkup (from 9 lbs 1 oz at birth)

    In fact, for a while I thought I had oversupply issues. I pumped once a day to let Daddy give him a bottle in the evening and to store up frozen milk for when I go back to work. I normally got 10-12 oz/session of 10-15 miutes. Because my breasts were swollen and I was worried about overactive letdown, I started block feeding- one breast for 4-5 hour periods. He seemed satisfied with that.

    And now I think I overdid it! My morning pump sessions plunged from 10-12 oz to 3-4 oz per session this week, in just 6 days. Yikes! I am worried that the supply will continue to decrease. For now I think I have enough when he breastfeeds, but how do I stop it from keeping to go down? Pump more frequently?

    I know some normalization of supply is normal, but this rapid decrease really makes me nervous. How can I know it is only the excess pumping that went down and that he will still get enough? I am extra paranoid because of the LC's prediction that he may not be able to breastfeed at all....Help!

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    I would keep an eye on his diapers to know if he is getting enough. I am not sure, but 10-12 oz. in one pumping session sounds like a lot and 3-4 oz. is what a typical bf baby would take at a feed so sounds like a reasonable pumping session. I know it is different for you though. I hope someone who has had a similar experience can come along and give you some better info...
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    have you seeen this resource? if not it might offer something useful
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