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Thread: Update 2: To Exclusively BF or Not

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    Default Update 2: To Exclusively BF or Not

    Its been a month since I started to relactating and trying to increase my suppy and now I'm at a total loss if he can exclusively be nurse or not. We have been trying to nurse as much as possible since Wed. I gave him a bottle maybe twice a day since then. How can I know if he can be exclusiveor not? He seems to nurse about every 1 to 1 1/2 hour but he wont nurse for more than 10-15 minutes unless sleepy. Afterwards, he either gets sleepy or angry. He seems to be swallowing quite well the first few minutes than slows down. When I pump instead of I get only 2 ounces when he drinks a minimum of 3 ounces. I have been trying to exclusively nurse and so far he is mostly fine with it. He just nursing more frequently and wants me to be around more. I figured if I let him nuse frequently, my body will make more than if I pump. I'm just afraid of compromising his health.

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    Your body does make more than you can pump. Sometimes the amount you pump nowhere near comes close. Babies can become very efficient eaters as well. There have been times Nolan finished in just 5 minutes. Just trust your baby, trust your body.

    As far as frequency...that could be from just about anything. Growth spurt, teething, not feeling very good....doesn't mean you aren't making enough for your LO.

    Good luck mama!
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