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Thread: On the verge of giving up...can anyone help?

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    Unhappy On the verge of giving up...can anyone help?

    My almost 4 month old darling daughter is sort of becoming not quite so darling when it's time for her feeding every 2 hours! I posted this issue over on the "Breastfeeding Your Infant" forum but didn't get much help over there, so thought I'd try my luck over here.

    My LO has been sleeping through the night since about 7 wks. Now she sleeps from ~9:00P-6:00A. She just started doing that on her own. I never, ever had a supply issue until about 4 wks. ago when all of a sudden, after she drank continuously from the initial letdown, she would pull off the breast and fuss and then want to get back on, suck a few times, pull off again and fuss. She would act like she was trying to get more out and getting frustrated b/c she couldn't.

    So I keep switching her back from breast to breast just to keep her interested. She nurses well first thing in the morning or when she is relaxed and sleepy. Now, though, we are at the point where she won't even suck long enough to get a letdown---she fusses after only a few sucks---so I now (inconveniently) have to pump for a letdown before every single feeding. I'm guessing she is getting irritated when my flow slows down and won't continue to suck long enough to elicit another letdown. I don't know!

    I have been taking fenugreek and blessed thistle for 3 weeks now, drinking plenty of fluids, etc. I also try and pump before I go to be every night, which only yields 1-2 oz. I do not want to get up in the middle of the night to pump b/c I NEED sleep! So, maybe this is all my fault?? The thing is I know plenty of women whose babies nurse exclusively and sleep all night and they don't have to get up in the middle of night to pump.

    I have taken her to the ped twice and have talked to 2 different lactation consultants and no one seems to be able to help me! I'm so exhausted...

    Also, she is an extremely active nurser...pushing her fist into my breast while eating, kicking her legs, etc. If I try to burp her in between, she freaks out on me. Sometimes I have to walk around, nursing her just to chill her out.
    I thought this was a growth spurt but it's gone on way too long. I don't think she is getting enough at each feeding, but she refuses to take a supplemental bottle. All I want is for my child to be satisfied after a feeding. Is that too much to ask??!!

    Could any of this be her?? I'm at my wits' end with all of this. I don't want to quit nursing but this isn't making for a very happy (or sane!) new mommy!

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    Default Re: On the verge of giving up...can anyone help?

    It's actual very common behavior for a 4month old. Do you have less wet diapers in a day than before? That is really the only indicator of less than enough milk. What your child is doing at the breast may not be what you are assuming at all and rather just the short attention of a 4month old who someone just turned on the whole world for!

    FWIW, even a child who is full blown striking can usually extract enough milk to be fine if only fed while sleepy or sleeping. (1st thing in the morning, right before and after naptime and right before bedtime.)
    So while I know it's worrisome, I would try not to worry unless you are counting less than 6 wet diapers a day.
    There a whole page about the "wakeful 4month old" over at Kellymom.com
    Check it out. It my put your mind at ease! HTH!

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    Default Re: On the verge of giving up...can anyone help?

    Babies of that age are very easily distracted. They are just starting to notice the world around them. Where do you nurse? Sometimes a quiet dark place helps Here is an article talking about distractible babies

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