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Thread: Still nusing 7mo old... and PREGNANT!

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    Default Still nusing 7mo old... and PREGNANT!

    I am so frustrated with these boobs of mine! I am now 5 weeks pregnant and still nursing a 7 month old, but my milk supply is dismal, and I don't want to stop nursing until he's 1yo. These hormones have forced my supply to plummet and I know he's not quite getting enough. This is my 3rd nursing baby. First son I had no problems, 2nd son LOTS of stress milk dried up, 3rd son... pregnant! What do I do to keep my supply up. I'm tired (obviously... 3 boys!), and I'm not sure what my diet should be like. Any suggestions? I'm at a loss, and I dare not consult my OB... she'll tell me to stop nursing. I'm overweight, but healthy otherwise. Help!

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    Default Re: Still nusing 7mo old... and PREGNANT!

    No advice mama.

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    Default Re: Still nusing 7mo old... and PREGNANT!

    Congrats mama. Check this thread http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?t=59963. Another mama had the same concerns as you. Move on over to the pregnant and breastfeeding forum and you might find more answers.
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    Default Re: Still nusing 7mo old... and PREGNANT!

    Oatmeal helps me with a supply boost. Up your water intake. I nursed throughout my pregnancy and my dr. wanted me drinking 4 liters a day and it helped also. Some women have success with fenugreek but I don't know about taking while pregnant. Mother's milk tea is also recommended but again I dont' about taking it while pregnant.

    www.kellymom.com has a section on herbs safe for pregnancy so you can probably find info there. Good luck!!

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