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Thread: Legal Advice on Pumping in Workplace

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    Not worth it.

    If the issue was really $300 you'll spend an order of magnitude way more than this and they will too...

    You found a work around and you're able to pump.

    It sucks. It's not fair... but it honestly is not worth it.

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    You could however contact whatever agency is tasked with administering that law. Here in Oregon it is the Dept of Human Services. They might have advice for you on how to advocate so future moms are properly accommodated and can tell your employer in no uncertain terms that a bathroom is not suitable. It might not get you anything except the feeling of having done the right thing and helping those who come after you.
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    I would at the minimum send them a letter informing them of the law in the hopes that it may help other moms in the future or in other positions in the company. Does everyone where you work have their own private office or are there others who would benefit from a more global response like the creation of a lactation room? I ask because where I work, those with offices just pump in their offices, but these are the people in the organization who have the most power. Those of us without offices are left with no recourse, and have much less power within the organization to affect change. The official policy here is just that we have to ask our supervisor to find us a space, which is not always something our supervisor even has the resources to do. I so wish that my state had a law like yours...
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