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Thread: not taking a bottle

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    Default not taking a bottle

    I've posted this on other boards, but I thought I would see what you guys have to say. I know that this is a common type of question, and sorry to be so long, but I feel like I have tried all the things everyone says to try!

    I will be going back to work in a week when my daughter is 3 months old and I can't get her to take a bottle. When she was 6 or so weeks old my husband got her to take it and he gave her a bottle about twice per week just to have her adjust to it. Then we got lazy and didn't give it to her for about 2 weeks, and when we tried again, she wouldn't take it. Since then we have been trying every day. Sometimes she just wails and sometimes she will kinda chew on it or push it around with her tongue, but she won't suck on it. We have tried all kinds of things:

    DH feeding her, me feeding her, grandma feeding her
    me in the room, me in the other room, me upstairs for 30 mins
    she's hungry, she's not that hungry, she just ate
    when she's awake, sleepy, asleep, just waking up
    in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening (usually in the evening though b/c that's when DH is home)
    in a cradle position, in a sitting position facing out, in a sitting position against your legs facing you, standing up and walking around
    using frozen milk or freshly pumped milk
    using room temp milk, body temp milk, warmer milk
    we've used Playtex, Soothie, First Years, and Gerber nipples on slow flow, and Playtex on stage 2 (that was by mistake)

    I also nursed her until she was sleepy, then switched in the bottle without her realizing it. She gave it a few sucks and then spit it out crying, and that was our most successful try. But that only worked the one time.

    So what else can we possibly try? I'm worried enough about having to leave her at daycare, but if she won't take a bottle I'm afraid she's just going to scream and be hungry the whole time! She's only going to be going half days until she's 6 months old, so at least it won't be all day for a while. But she's still going to have a 4 hour block without me, and I think she will have to take a bottle even if I nurse her at the daycare when I drop her off and again when I pick her up. Any other tips we can try?

    The daycare teacher says she will work with us and breastfed her son for 18 months (he's now 2) and she seems supportive of bf. She said I can always come and nurse her at the daycare any time I want, and I plan to do so during my lunch hour once I am full-time. But one of the things she suggested was not to look at dd while she is nursing because maybe she associates the attention with nursing and if she didn't get so much attention she might be more willing to take a bottle. To me, that seems like something I don't really want to try. So I'm looking for more ideas!
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    Default Re: not taking a bottle

    Sounds like you've tried everything.
    Have you tried having your husband give her the bottle with you completely out of the house? I've heard some babies will only take bottles when mom's not home at all.

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    Default Re: not taking a bottle

    I just posted on the other from ( the pumping one ). Please check that. My DD was the same as yours but we finally got her to take the bottle ( even from me!!! ).

    Good Luck!

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