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Thread: Refuses BM bottle while I am at work.

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    Default Refuses BM bottle while I am at work.

    3 months of breastfeeding bliss. 4th child all breastfed. We are like old pro's, except she refuses bottles!! Quiet, content, self soothing, baby who NEVER cries until a bottle touches her lips. She has slept 7 hours at night since three weeks. I work nights so she only misses one feeding at 3am.....except when I am not home. She cries for my husband, and SCREAMS when he tries to offer a bottle. The other night she woke at 1130pm and cried until 730am. I have been back a couple nights(only work part time and these nights have been split up so they are not back to back) but the thought that she is at home starving(and crying) kills me. HELP!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Refuses BM bottle while I am at work.

    Oh nighttime is rough! Since she is not fond of the bottle, maybe your DH could try a different method to feed her. Like a soft cup, syringe, or medicine spoon. It's a little more work, but to have her take something would be worth it!

    Will she take a finger to soothe? Maybe if she could get calmed down she would take some milk. Is he able to co-sleep or sleep close to her? If he got to her right away while she's still half asleep that might help - I know it's gotta be tough for a Dad to wake up at every peep like we do.
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    He puts her in her swing where she will go back to sleep for about 1.5 hours. Then she wakes up he tries again to feed her she whines until she goes back to sleep. SCREAMS if he tries to feed her. When I am at home she wakes at 3am eats for 7 minutes then is back asleep till 9am.

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