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Thread: Block pumping??

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    Default Block pumping??

    My LO is 9wks old and when he was 3wks old I had to start block feeding due to OS & OALD. I did 4hr blocks and after 2wks of doing that, all the symptoms improved or went away, especially the green/smelly bm's!!

    My concern is that I am back at work now and am pumping 3 times during 8hrs. I usually pump in the morning after he eats and then I pump when I get home. Any other time, he is excusively BF. My concerns is that yesterday and today, I have noticed the some of the symptoms I experienced prior to block feeding have return - i.e., feeling fuller, noticing more foremilk when pumping and last night it was a fighting game to get him to stay latched on because he was choking/sputtering.

    Has any one experienced the same situation and if so, what did you do to help? I feel that I may have to pump excusively, which doesn't bother me, but I enjoy the bonding time and the convenience of nursing excusively.
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