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Thread: gas still in baby?

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    Default gas still in baby?

    I tried reducing so many of my foods to only lentils, vegetballes, no lactaid, apple, honey, white bread and white rie
    seems baby has to strain to have a bowel movemnet and some light fussiness
    is this gas
    what else can i do

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    Default Re: gas still in baby?

    It's common for newborn babies to turn red and really appear to be struggling to have a bowel movement. There's really no reason to limit what you eat unless you are certain that baby is sensitive or allergic to a specific food.

    This may help: http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/avoid.html

    Also, this isn't an approved LLL source but it's good info nonetheless: My baby is gassy. Is this caused by something in my diet?

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