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Thread: not sure where to ask sunless?

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    Default not sure where to ask sunless?

    hi all my ds is 12m and i have a wedding to go to. Right now he still nursing 2-3X a day and i was thinking about doing a spray tan. Anyone done this? does he get these chemicals? i would only do it this once and wanted to know what someone thought? tia

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    Default Re: not sure where to ask sunless?


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    Default Re: not sure where to ask sunless?

    I did a spray tan for a wedding when I was pregnant (yuck, had to wear a bridesmaid dress when I was prego...) I got it pre-approved by my OB. You will probably want to cover your breasts so the spray tan doesn't get on them? I know where I had mine done they provided a "barrier cream" that was like lotion you put on areas you didn't want to get too much color. Or you might consider wearing an old bikini top you don't care about ruining.

    Good luck!!

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