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Thread: spontaneouly started night weaning last night- HELP!

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    Default spontaneouly started night weaning last night- HELP!

    Jack is 21 months and cosleeping. He gets up constantly! I am anti CIO so I've been trying my best to hang in there. I usually say, I'll take it day by day. If I have a bad night, I try to see how I feel the next day and usually I can say- ok I can still do this, its what he needs. Well the past 2 weeks have been non stop- like he'd fall asleep, I'd detach him and roll over and he'd wake up crying again for his "boo". So, after 8-1:30 of constant nursing last night, I spontaneously decided to start night weaning. This time was different than the last couple of times I tried. The last times, I flipped out and felt like I was gonna lose my mind. This time I was calm and it felt right for the first time. So, he cried for an hour, beat me up and finally fell back asleep. I kept telling him we have to wait to the sun comes out and boo is sleeping. He wouldn't accept any cuddling or consoling. Then he woke up at 6 and cried for another 30 min when the sun was up enough that I made it morning and we nursed a bit and he's been happy since. I AM DREADING tonight. He's very stubborn, but I have to stick with it now that I started. Any help and encouragement would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: spontaneouly started night weaning last night- HELP!

    We used Dr Jay Gordon's night weaning method. It sounds similar to what you are doing (staying close, comforting, etc). For us the first night was the worst, second night was easier, third night I didn't even have to get out of bed to rock him. And I think by the fourth night it was done!

    We had tried at 13 months but he was cutting molars and it just wasnt the time. Tried again at 16 months and had success!

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    Default Re: spontaneouly started night weaning last night- HELP!

    Stick to your guns, Mama! It sounds like you did everything just right- nice and calm and consistent. You might want to talk up the new no night-nursing policy before bedtime, just so that it's already there in the back of your LO's mind when he wakes up in the night. And maybe get him a new, special toy that he can hold instead of his "boo," and have a sippy cup of water ready for him. Sometimes night-waking toddlers are genuinely thirsty.

    You're doing a great job!

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    Default Re: spontaneouly started night weaning last night- HELP!

    I second the Jay Gordon method. Also, having some water to offer instead of milk really helped us as well. I know the feeling you're talking about, too- the calm feeling that you know you're doing the right thing.

    Good luck to you, mama!
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