My baby was not gaining weight in the beginning and was not drawing milk out consistently. I ended up having to supplement. I started out with the SNS. Baby was not sucking right and ended up getting more supplement from the SNS (red small tube) and not me. My supply dwindled to almost nothing. I am now trying to get my supply back up and it has been one long nightmare! My baby is now 3 1/2 mo. I don't know if I will ever get him off of the tube. I went to the Lact-Aid hoping that would be better but I think it has made things worse. Baby will not latch without tube now! A LC watched me nurse with both the SNS and the Lact-Aid and she thought the baby had a better suckling pattern with the Lact-Aid. We did pre and post weighings after feeds and baby was only getting 1/2 oz. from me. It was so discouraging! Have any of you had experience with both SNS and Lact-Aid? If so, which do you think it best? I read better things about the Lact-Aid, but so far have not seen better results except my baby getting more formula. I think both SNS and Lact-Aid have sabotaged my bf relationship. Help! I have a hospital grade pump and pump when I can. It has been hard though with busy 2 1/2 twins and two other children - 5 total.