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    Hello! I am new to the LaLeche League forums and am looking for some help with a low milk supply. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child and would really like to nurse full time. When my son was born (almost 3 years ago) my milk supply was very low. I nursed for a week waiting for my milk to come in and finally, after he lost over a pound, decided to supplement with formula, via a SNS. With my daughter, I was still traumatized by not being able to fully nurse my son, that I said if my milk doesn't fully come in, we will start supplementing with formula via the SNS again but much earlier.

    Now I am expecting baby 3 and really want to nurse him/her full time and am looking for tips to help my milk supply. With my son, I did have him attached for what seemed to be 23 hours of the day. His latch was great and he was a hearty sucker. My daughter got the hang of latching without my help.

    I did enlist the help of the LLL in the area we used to live when I had my son, so I did get quite a few tips that I used. However, I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions for ways to prepare during the next 9 weeks that I have until my due date!


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    I'm glad you're here.

    You might find helpful info over on the Increasing Your Milk Supply board as well.

    I recommend attending an LLL meeting while you're pregnant. There's nothing like seeing other mothers nursing their babies and hearing about their challenges and tips. Given that you had a tough experience with your first two babies, I think being around the mothers at an LLL meeting could be encouraging as well as helpful.

    If you are having your baby in a hospital or birthing center that has a lactation consultant, I suggest you talk with her now to explain that you will want her help when your baby is born. Letting her know who you are in advance can't hurt. And then, as soon as you arrive, let everyone know that you want to see the lactation consultant as soon as possible after your baby is born. The squeaky wheel and all...

    If you're having an out of hospital birth, you can find out what other hands-on help is available locally.

    You're doing a smart thing by looking for info now!
    LLL Leader

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    I'm going to move this over to the Increasing Your Milk board. I'm sure there are other mothers who have been through this, and I think you'll get more responses there.
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    I know how frustrating it is to feel like you're not producing enough to feed your baby. I had issues with low milk supply early with my son, and the most important lesson that I learned is how much the mental aspect plays a role. I found that if I just had a little faith in myself that I could really do it, I was able to wean him off the supplementing, because I wasn't so quick to supplement when he was upset (he was a very fussy baby, and it wasn't always because he was hungry). Because if you're supplementing, you're sending signals to your body not to produce as much milk (even with the SNS, because you're not removing as much milk from the breast).

    So don't assume that there will be a problem this time around!! Drink plenty of fluid, let him/her nurse as often and as much as he/she wants, and get a lactation consultant on the job if you're having any latching problems (or even if there's weight loss, even if it seems like the latch is fine, they might still be able to help). Otherwise, relax, enjoy the new baby, and have a little faith in yourself.

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