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Thread: Will pumping really help??

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    Default Will pumping really help??

    Will pumping really help increase my supply? (Supply & demand, right?)

    My little girl will be 8 weeks on Tuesday (10/7). I took her to the pediatrician last week because I was concerned about her weight....come to find out she actually dropped 2 oz from her 2 week appointment. (I was devastated). She was 8lbs 12oz at birth and as of Friday, was 8lbs 13oz.

    I have gotten into some very bad habits with her. I let her fall asleep on the breast all the time. When we left the hospital after she was born, she stopped nursing that night. She would just scream. The next day, we went to the pediatrician and had her levels tested - and found she was jaundiced. I went to the hospital and rented a pump - and was pumping 5-6 oz per session (I was ecstatic). We were paced bottle feeding because she needed the milk quickly as her weight had dropped. I visited with 2 IBCLC's over 2 days to get help with the BF again. I ended up using the shield for the past several weeks (the jaundice peaked but took awhile to go away - by 4 weeks or so). During this time, I would nurse round the clock - and let her sleep on me. So, she got in the habit of only napping at the breast. Otherwise, she was awake crying. She was pacifying herself and obviously not getting much milk.

    Her diaper output was not good (which is why I ended up going to the Pedi last week). She was peeing 4 times a day or so - and not truely soaking more then 2 or 3 diapers a day. Bowel momvements were 5 days or more - and 3 times were from suppository as even thermometer stimulation would not produce.

    In any case, I am now supplementing expressed breastmilk (thank heavens for all of the milk I was pumping in the early days) and formula after every nursing sessions. I am making sure not to let her sleep at the breast.

    She does not actively swallow too much. It's sad to see that she really just wants to use my breasts to pacify.

    After that novel....

    The IBCLC told me to pump after every feeding. 8 times a day for 10 - 15 minutes. I have a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old at home and cannot pump 8 times a day. I am averaging 5 times a day, sometimes 6.

    Obviously I am not producing much with the pump. In the AM today I got 3 oz which was awesome. Each other session is about 1 to 1.5 oz (or less).

    If I keep pumping as much as possible after nursing her, is it truly possible to increase my supply??

    I am hoping to be able to get back to a meeting with the IBCLC or at a local group soon so that I can get some help with keeping her alert & awake at the breast - and really get her sucking & swallowing.

    Any other advice? I really have my heart set on nursing my last baby! (And yes, I did have trouble with my other girls too. DD#1 - I was not aware of all the help available to me, so I gave up after 3 months of thrush and pain....DD#2 I nursed for 12 months, but she stoped gaining weight for a few months around age 6 months - I took domperidone which helped a bit, but still had low supply). Am I just doomed to having poor milk supply no matter what I do?

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    Default Re: Will pumping really help??

    yup it will help.
    You can do it!
    Pump as much as you can.
    Get a hold of your local leader she can help beter then we can online!

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