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    I am new to the whole forum thingy! I have a almost 20 week old son who until last monday nursed NON stop and not related to a low milk supply.. he nursed frequently for short amounts of time.. that was just my baby.

    Now.. he will not nurse during the day.. only if he is about to fall asleep or just waking. IF (and I do each feeding) I offer the breast he will get mad, cry, turn his head away and will only take a bottle of expressed milk- Its the strangest thing. He doesn't have an ear infection, he is not teething, and was never startled at the breast for biting or otherwise. Switch and bate didn't work and I still have a slow flow nipple on his bottles that he gets from caregivers or dad when I am at work three evenings a week. My supply is currently taking a hit due to the strike!!

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I was crushed at first- now I am lost.. Any suggestions?

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    could it be a growth spurt? Strikes usually dont last long.. My DD2 (9m) just went through what i thought was a nursing strike, kept biting me at the breast- refused to nurse pretty much... but it ended up being her top tooth is coming in. I never thought it was teething because she didnt act like that when the first 2 came in.

    I would keep offering the breast as often as LO will take it. Soon, baby will realize the source is much better than the bottle ().
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