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Thread: Night shift and extended nursing

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    Default Night shift and extended nursing

    My LO is 11 months old. He and I will be nursing for a long ol' time if he so desires. I am the breadwinner right now (my hubby is a student--just started back to school to be a teacher). I'm a labor and delivery nurse, I work 3 night shifts a week, and my LO stays home with my hubby when I'm away. He nurses down when I'm home and night nurses (2-3 times depending). He takes a bottle of EBM for DH when I work and usually eats 1-2 more times during the night (EBM in a bottle, too).

    If I was a stay at home mama, this wouldn't be so complicated. Or if I worked day shift. But neither one is an option right now. I always assumed I'd pump wean at 12 months. But if I do that, it means LO doesn't get any breast milk to fall asleep. And I don't think I could go all night without pumping--I get a little engorged by 11pm right now. I work 12-hour shifts.

    So I don't know what I'm asking, I guess. Any thoughts? ideas? dare I ask, similar experiences?

    Thanks, all.

    Oh, one more thing: during the days after my night shifts, LO goes to a childcare provider for about 3-4 hours some days and stays home with daddy or my mom other days. If he's home, they bring him to me to nurse while I sleep. He often naps with me (but isn't a good or long napper these days, so it's hit or miss).
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    Default Re: Night shift and extended nursing

    I don's have any answers for you but you sound like you could use a hug!

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