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    Help- I'm not sure how to go about getting my baby back to BFing- When my LO one was born we BF for the first week and then I had to give up- it was so painful. I saw 3 lactation consultants who all said that the latch was good but the pain and cracked nipples continued. I rented a hospital pump and now my LO is 6 weeks old and I have been pumping 8 x a day for 20 -30 minutes each session getting about 38 oz each day.

    Two weeks ago I found out that my LO was tongue tied and we had it corrected and I suspect that was part of the latch issue- now

    How do I get her back on the breast. This past week we have been trying "dessert" from the breast after she gets her pumped milk if she seems to want more - we are still working on the latch she doesn't seem to want to open up wide and she pulls off and arches her back- I suspect the dredded nipple confusion (we are using born free level 1) and that my breastmilk is coming out in sprays and might be too much for her. But I am committed to trying again and working on our latch issues.

    Here are my questions--

    -I just tried to nurse her, she was at the right breast for 10 minutes and then fell asleep. I burped her and tried to put her back on but she fell asleep again so I put her to bed. She typically has been taking 3 oz every 2 hours in a bottle and the bottle takes her 15 minutes to get down... so do you think she got full on just 10 minutes at the one breast- is this possible?

    -Typically I pump for 20 to 30 minutes and get 4 oz per breast. Being that she only nursed for 10 minutes to I need to go and pump for the additional 10 to get the rest of the milk out of that breast- And If I typically pump for 20-30 but she only nursed for 10 did she just get just foremilk, did she get any hindmilk?

    - Also should since it was only 10 minutes should I use that same side again next breast feed and go ahead and not pump that side and just pump out the other left side so I don't get clogs and she gets hindmilk?

    - Do I continue to pump after her feeds so I can keep my supply up and ensure that I have back up in the fridge if BF does not work? Ideally I would like to keep pumping for 3 bottles a day for her Daddy to do the nighttime feedings.

    Im so confused. I am happy that my LO will even try the breast again, I know many babies once they have the bottle will not go back and Im thankful that she seems willing. I really want this to work - any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.
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    Bump. Hopefully someone will have some advice.
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    When we were having this problem we did a lot of skin to skin. Lots of baths and basically I just walked around the house with my boobs hanging around. Sleep time too.

    Here is some good information and tips that you could try.

    Good luck mama.
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