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Thread: We've started weaning - slow and steady

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    Default We've started weaning - slow and steady

    I didn't think I would ever want to be here, but we are and I am happy. I don't think Owen will be weaned for months and months but we've started the process.

    I was wondering though anyone drop daytime first?

    Owen is teething (molars) and he isn't bugged during the day at all, but he is clingy at night so I have dropped a day time nurse and using distraction for his little bored nursings during the day but I am still on demand at night.

    Anyway he is adjusting well, eating way more too!
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    Default Re: We've started weaning - slow and steady

    This is what I did. I weaned through the day. He gets water, or cows milk through the daytime. He nurses right before bed, and if he wakes up through the night (usually 1-3 times, and then once more in the early morning when I bring him into my bed for a little extra sleep. I am feeling like I'd like to start weaning more though. I would really like him to be weaned in the next 3 months or so. I feel like 1 1/2 isn't too bad. I just really can't see myself still nursing when he is 2. Though I can say these feedings at night are going to be REALLY hard to drop. Not even sure where to start.
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    Default Re: We've started weaning - slow and steady

    We've been dropping daytime feedings for a while now with no problems. He did it on his own. Still nursing at night though several times, and at 18 months we're doing the Jay Gordon method.

    We nurse for nap and bedtime, and the rest of the day he has solids and water. It's great!!!

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: We've started weaning - slow and steady

    I am 25 weeks PG and about 3 months ago we night weaned our DD. We used a modified version of the Jay Gordon's method and it worked very well for us. During the day I work full time from home, but she's with her nanny and even though I sees me she only asks to nurse once when I'm done working, then to put her down at night and when she wakes up. On weekends she nurses more often, usually if she's bored.

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