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Thread: night weaning midnight cheerios aaugghhh

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    Hi- I have a 20 month old. For the past 11 days we have been working on nightweaning, because I really want more solid sleep and I also would love to go out after he's in bed w/out the guaranteed "I'm going to wake up looking for you for milk" 2 hrs after bedtime.

    So far, pretty good- after about 6 days of being really miserable, he wakes up, sometime around 2:30/ 3:00, asks to nurse, protests a bit, and then moves on to a cheerios midnight snack.

    The problem is that the snack volume seems to be going up rather than down, and he is staying up longer (over 2 hours)/ protesting going back to sleep more rather than less as the days go on. He fell to about the -5 range on the weight charts at about 9 months and has stayed there, so I'm reluctant to deny him food. I've been trying to tank him up on calories during the day, but he's a dedicated self-feeder so I don't have so much say in the matter.

    Anyone have any suggestions or insights? We still nurse a couple times during the day, which I am very happy about. I have an older child who was more miserable when I nightweaned him but stopped waking up when there was no milk forthcoming.


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    I would give him a really good snack before bed to help him last through the night. Does he nurse right before bed? You mentioned he does a couple times during the day, but if he nurses right before bed it would give him a calorie boost. My daughter's pediatrician said it's really good to nurse right before bed because of that. (She was 18 months at the time) We nightweaned using a modified version of Dr Jay Gordon's Method (we took it much slower and with less time) and had some set backs during traveling and when she was sick. But it took us 3 months or so before she consistently sleeps at night and doesn't ask to nurse until 5am, but she still needs to sleep with us. I always offered her water during the night when she woke up, and still do actually, I just keep a sippy cup by our bed, because she is genuinely thirsty sometimes during the night. But I never offered her a snack or comfort that involved getting up out of bed, just because I didn't want to introduce things that I didn't want to do. Most of the time she only wakes up once to get her pacifier and baby, but that's when I'll offer her water and help her lay back down and maybe I put my hand on her or my arm around her. During the nightweaning, I would offer water, rub her back, rock her in my arms in our bed, but that's about it.

    I understand what you're saying about him maybe needing the food, but if you can get him to eat a good snack before bed and maybe nurse then, he should be able to make it through the night. He probably just likes having a snack and has gotten used to it. And it's probably disturbing his sleep enough to keep him up for a while. I would quit the snack and offer some very calm, low key comfort during the nightweaning and remember it's going to take time.
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    be sure to offer a good bedtime snack with some protein and some carbs
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    Thanks- I always get such great supportive advice on the LLL forums, it really helps.

    I had thought about feeding him more dense calorie stuff at dinner, but I may have to switch our bedtime routine a bit- my baby tends to tag along through big brothers (5 yr old) bedtime routine and then wants to nurse and go to bed at the same time that his brother goes to sleep, except in our bed (LO gets to cosleep) The whole procedure is so cute and rediculous, my 20 month old is really into doing his own toothbrushing, pajamas, etc. while my 5 yr old tries to get everything done for him. Anyway, it means that his last meal of the day is dinner, which he doesn't eat very well on account of 4 people at the table is sooo exciting. He does nurse to sleep, but maybe I need to give him some cheese or something right before bed (and after toothbrushing?) I think I will try to cut out the snack. When I have worked up the nerve- he will be very unhappy.

    He does drink water at night.

    Thanks, Susan

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