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Thread: Does anyone else feel excluded?

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    Default Does anyone else feel excluded?

    They are used to working without you. They had to do "your" work while you were gone for three months. You get "special treatment" (a 36 hr work week - with commensurate dip in pay and benefits). You cant go out to get coffee or lunch because you have to spend all that time pumping. etc etc. I am the only one who has given birth within the last 26 yrs in my work group if that makes a difference.

    I feel like I am in middle school right now and I am sure it is because, I am not getting enough sleep stressing over doing the right thing for and getting enough time with my LO, stressing over doing a good job at work etc. But there is still a part of me that feels excluded.

    Am I alone or is this common with working mamas?
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    Default Re: Does anyone else feel excluded?

    I could have written this post word for word! Sorry mama, , I know how you feel and come on here to join people who understand! The people I work with will never get it!

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