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Thread: Occational Pumping Question?

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    Default Occational Pumping Question?

    Hey ya'll. I had my daughter 3 and a half weeks ago, I am a stay-at-home mom so I am exclusively breastfeeding her. I started pumping about a week ago, just to build a supply in case, I need someone to watch her for a bit or I go on a medication that isn't bfing safe. I truly don't want my daughter to ever touch a drop of formula!

    Two days ago, I pumped twice (two different times, about 15 minutes each time) and go about 5 oz all.
    Yesterday I pumped once and only got 1.5 oz's.

    My question is, how often should I pump? I just ordered some Funegreek and Blessed Thistle to have it in the house in case I have any issues down the road. (They don't sell it in our stores on base.) Should I be on a pumping schedule? I nurse on demand, but I have no clue how to regulate pumping.
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    baby that age you don't want to pump too much extra.

    Did you pump at the same time each day?
    Most moms find they have more milk in the morning then other times of the day.

    You guys will figure it out!
    The baby is beter at removing milk then the pump.

    heres some more info that might help


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