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Thread: Feeding in public is frustrating

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    My lo wasn't able to nip after she got a little older (5 months maybe?) because of the distraction, she would peek out from the cover every 2 secs to make sure she wasn't missing anything, really defeated the purpose of having it. If you don't have much luck practicing at home, just find some comfy places to nurse that don't have many distractions- I nursed in the car a lot and dressing rooms if we were out shopping. You also might try wearing her in a sling to nurse, some moms have great success with that, and it gives you a bit of coverage, plus might help with the support that he's used to from the boppy?
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    My DS is still pretty young but I have found that if we are in a place where there are alot of children he can get distracted... not so much in other places. I've only braved nursing completely in public once in a park, but as others have mentioned I wear layers.... 1 shelf bra tank top that I can leave my midsection covered with and pull down the top and a loose fitting top over it so it can rest over my breasts (but not over baby's head).

    Does your LO make alot of eye contact when you nurse at home? Maybe he needs that in public. If so, I found dressing rooms work great. The staff is always willing to help and there is often a place to sit. Sometimes if you are in a restaurant and it's not busy, just asking a manager for a place to nurse can help. I've been provided with a private booth a few times. You'll be amazed at how many people are supportive and will give you privacy. If all else fails, we nurse in the car. Tinted windows are a lifesaver

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    I don't know what your comfort level is re covering (my DS will not nurse with a cover anymore), but my DH just had to get used to it because I didn't want my breasts to hurt & my DS to cry! Maybe if show him this (lol) http://www.velveteenmind.com/velvete...dingwindow.gif he might reconsider?
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*micahs-mommy View Post
    My 3 mo seems to hate eating in public. I use a nursing cover that we can see each other through. He just fusses the entire time and only eats about half the time as without the cover up. The other day I tried to use a blanket instead to see if it was the cover specifically and that just made him furious. Also... when away from home I sit his bottom on my lap and he is leaned back toward my breast (kind of a modified cradle hold I guess) which might make him uncomfortable??? At home I use the boppy (cross cradle hold) all day and I feel like he just stubbornly wants things the same way every time. Anyone else have this problem? Do they grow out of this? Any suggestions?
    maybe your LO just doesn't like to be covered up with anything? my dd hated to be covered up especially once she got to be a few months old and more aware. as well, my dd could not tolerate any other form of feeding other than cross cradle. ( i have a large chest and i had to hold my breast with one hand while holding her with the other.

    two things helped me... wearing a nursing tank under another shirt and getting rid of the idea of covering up at all ( the tank covers up your belly and works like a nursing bra ...and the other shirt can be pulled across or will fall down to cover the rest of the breast ) try this in front of a mirror. it really works... and nothing shows except for but a few seconds while babe latches on. i just turned my back to latch if there was a crowd.
    ( BTW, the best nursing tanks out there are from bravado designs www.bravadodesigns.com ...worth every penny )

    the other thing that helped me was to use my diaper bag, purse or coat or bench arm at the mall...or folded leg ...as my baby rest. that way, i could still put a blanket under her head and do the cross cradle that she needed.

    HTH it took us some practice, but once we found this "formula " it really worked.


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    Well Im going to come out of my closet (again) and shout

    'I am a bathroom feeder!!!'
    Ashley also started being very easily distracted at this age and I soon faced the reality that he wasnt going to feed if we were out if there was anything going on around us. I tried slings, i tried dressing rooms, parks other quiet places but there was just too much to see. So I had a few choices.

    I could go home to feed...

    I could try and feed him and end up covered in milk spurts, frustrated and cranky with a hungry baby, usually hugely engorged because he wouldn't feed.

    I could go into a small quiet room where there was nothing interesting to see, and have him all fed in ten minutes.

    I did the last one. It never bothered him. It was only my righteous pledge 'I'll never feed my child in a toilet' that suffered. Ther baby was fed, I was on my way. Job done.
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    I have 2 boys that NEVER liked the cover. I did what OP suggested and dressed in layers or a shirt that would cover easily. When I was pregnant my hubby thought a cover was a good idea until he saw how much trouble it was and he never minded me not using it. To me, not using a cover is NO different then a mom who gives her baby a bottle. They both have nipples.

    Here is a couple things I have done though....when my kiddos have been really distracted I have taken them to a car to feed, I always kept a second boppy in there and we used it for many things such as diaper changes...it kept them from hittng their head on the seat belt thing. So it was there to nurse. I timed my outings a lot of times and would feed again BEFORE going into the mall or wherever even if my baby had ate not to long before...at least this topped them off. Then I knew I probably had about 2 hours. So with my last baby after about 2 hours I would go back to the car and let my oldest rest for a few minutes and I would feed the baby. If this was not possible, I honestly would just feed everywhere...most people do not notice your nursing and I have nursed just about every such as karate for my oldest....lol.

    I have a friend and what she would do is go into a store and ask for a fitting room. Most places will let you go in there and nurse your baby!!!! This way you do not have to go to the bathroom, you do not have to worry with a cover or anything and if you have older ones you can pack a few things to entertain them with while they wait. I have never done this unless I have already been in the dressing room when baby wanted to eat but she says she has done it in many stores and she has 2 breastfed kiddos.

    Anyway I hope that helps!!!

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    try nursing at home without the boppy and see how your LO reacts. If that is the problem you can try some different holds/positions until your LO is comfortable. Once you think you have it down, try nursing on the outside of your home on a patio or your backyard for you & your LO to get used to a different setting of semipublic.

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    If you are afraid you will be showing off, a trick I use sometimes is to cover up while you are latching on. Once baby is nursing well and you have had a chance to adjust anything that may need it, then uncover. you may feel more comfortable if you leave the blanket on your lap to help cover your waist. I have found this to be helpful with a small baby who is still learning to latch on or may not be big enough to hide everything.
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