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Thread: Should I decrease Pumping Frequency?

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    Default Should I decrease Pumping Frequency?

    DD is 10 months.
    I've been pumping at work for about 8 months.
    3 pumping sessions, 15 minutes each.
    Average output: 11oz

    While I'm at work, DD drinks about 8oz.
    DD gets solids at least once a day, more on the weekends.

    Almost every day it seems that I'm taking one of my 3oz bags and putting it in the freezer because it's extra.

    I EBF when with baby on-demand. She eats about every 1-2 hours whenever she's with me. We're gonna wean whenever she wants to.

    I was wondering from other pumping moms: should I change my pumping schedule? Should I decrease time or decrease frequency? Or should I just stay like normal and keep putting the extra in the freezer?

    I don't mind pumping all that much. I just wasn't sure what to do at this point. I know that I'll end up cutting back or dropping a session eventually, but wasn't sure when that should happen.


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    Default Re: Should I decrease Pumping Frequency?

    I came here and registered just to ask this exact same question!
    I pump 3 times during the work day and for the past 2 weeks have been adding to my freezer stash because my baby isn't taking as much milk as he used to (he is 6 months and loves sweet potatoes and applesauce).
    I'm running out of space in the freezer.

    I also was wondering if I decrease pumping now, is it a permanent thing, or if my baby wants more milk again in a few weeks, can I pump more often and get the same amount as I'm getting now?

    Sorry to reply to your post but not answer your question...

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    Default Re: Should I decrease Pumping Frequency?

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    Default Re: Should I decrease Pumping Frequency?

    I used to pump around 18 oz. at work...since DD turned about 10 mo. I have been pumping less (I guess my body just knows - I EP) while she has been eating the same amount. I used to freeze at least 4 oz. each day....now I am taking about 4-8oz. out of the freezer every day. I say keep freezing, you may need it!
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    Default Re: Should I decrease Pumping Frequency?

    Thank you!!!

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