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Thread: Unable to breastfeed after pumping

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    Default Unable to breastfeed after pumping

    Is there a way to rapidly return my nipples to normal?

    I've been pumping every 2h, but sometimes I don't so that I can breastfeed.
    The pump makes my nippes so huge that she cannot fit them in her tiny mouth, and I cannot get them hard enough so that she can feel them. When my nipples are normal, we have no problem breastfeeding.

    (Our goal is to help our underweight baby to gain weight, by the way, with formula supplementation. I am pumping so that the doctor can try to figure out an estimate as to how many calories she is getting, so we add up the breastfeeds, the pumped consumption, and the formula.)

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    Default Re: Unable to breastfeed after pumping

    I cannot speak to the supplementation issue very well, but I've seen others suggest using ice cubes on the nipple to bring out a flat nipple. This seems like it would probably work on a "pumped" nipple also. Just rub an ice cube across it. Let me know if this works!


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