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    Hi ladies!! I'm new to the forums and new to relactation. My son is 11 weeks old today and have been trying to relactate sense Friday. We are renting a Medela Symphony from the Hospital and I am taking Fenugreek. Luckily I was still producing colostrum from when my son was born. Sadly he couldn't latch on (he was 4 weeks early) and didn't know what to do... we tried him at the breast at every feeding for 2 weeks... until my breasts hurt to the point we had to stop and gave up. Now he is latching on really well to his bottle and I have tried him at the breast once and he wants to nurse. So here we are trying to get my supply back. I am taking 1220mg of fenugreek 2x a day (my OB said not to exceed 6,000mg a day), and I have seen some increase in my colostrum but not much. Do you ladies know when your milk comes in is it like after having the baby, you just wake up and your full or is it a gradual thing? Also, are there any signs of when it about to happen? I'm just trying to determine how long until something comes in.

    I work full time and everything and am somehow managing pumping 6 times a day. Work is being very nice and letting me go to the Mother's room every 2 hours while I'm at work and I can get in 2 - 4 more pumps after I get home (including one in the middle of the night). I try to pump every time my son eats while home.

    Any advice you ladies have would be very helpful. My husband is being VERY supportive of this, especially sense I have bi polar and will have to stop most of my meds while BFing. Sadly my MIL doesn't seem to be supportive and is convinced I need to be on my meds no matter what. However I am adement about BFing and my husband is nice enough to stand by me.
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    I'm glad you're here!

    How wonderful that you are able to pump so many times at work! Hooray for a supportive work environment. Your husband's support is probably the most important so it is great that he agrees with your desire to relactate.

    You've got some good things going for you.

    If, as time goes on, you have specific medication questions, I recommend that you call a local LLL Leader (you can find one using the link near the top left corner of this page). Or, talk with your baby's doctor about the medications you are considering taking. He or she can contact Dr. Hale Tom Hale for the latest and best drug information.

    Browse through this forum to hear about other mothers' experiences.

    Keep us posted.
    LLL Leader

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