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Thread: So how often do you nurse?

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    It's nice to know you're not alone

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    Hello, I am new here and my DS is turning one next week. My DD only nursed until she was 10 months so toddler nursing is new to me. It is interesting to read how different each child is. DS is currently nursing 6 to 10 times a day depending on how often he nurses at night.

    I work part-time and still pump three times in 8 hours for him. I wanted to ask those moms who work and nurse toddlers:

    At what age of your LO did you stop pumping?
    How often did you pump at different ages?
    When you stop pumping does your supply bounce back on the days you are off and your LO wants to nurse?


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    My twins just turned 2. They nurse at least 3-4 x's a day. When they were one, they probably nursed around 6 times or so..They definitely LOVE their "nah nah's"!
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