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Thread: So how often do you nurse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*huhmama View Post
    Hello... I'm new and so glad to have found you ladies.

    My 14 month daughter nurses 8-10 times a day and every couple of hours at night. I was wondering if this was normal... it sounds like we're not too far off. She has always nursed for about 5 minutes and only on one side, so it's not too bad. I do wonder when I will sleep more than two hours in a row!
    my 21 month old only nurses twice, both at night now. He still wakes at least 4-5 times at night though! So even if he is not nursing that often, he still wakes! It will happen in time momma, i promise! Its funny you can get used to not sleeping all night though, isnt it?

    Kelly, I did notice when we cut back on sessions, his interest in food did seem to grow. I'm sure that isnt the case for every kid, but definately is for DS.

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    My 27 month old nurses probably four or five times a day and two or three at night. During the day, he nurses for naps (when he's falling asleep and waking up) and for comfort after a temper tantrum, and sometimes I think just because he's bored :-).
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    My 16 month old boy nurses about 4 - 5 times a day. He nurses in the morning, after I pick him up from a daycare, in the evening, before going to bed, and sometimes once during the night. He nurses more when I stay home all day with him.

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    My 21-month-old nurses maybe 4-5 times during the week (when he's in daycare most of the day), and seemingly perpetually on the weekends. This includes a marathon session from 5am until 7:30 or whenever DH or myself hauls ourself out of bed, whichever comes first. (I can't sleep while he's nursing anymore, too acrobatic). This comes at least partly from our night-weaning. You know he KNOWS the rule is he can come into bed at 5am!

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    23 months, and 10-12 times during the day. He nurses once at night (usually around 5am). DH jokes about Joshua coming home from highschool (DH says this in a deep voice)
    "Mom, I failed my algebra test, dee dee dee" (dee dee dee is milkies). I laugh so hard everytime he does that.

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    My dd, 21 1/2 mo, nurses off and on from 5-7am (sometimes that's just once off each side, other times it's each side several times), before nap, right after nap, and before bed. I guess that's 3-4 sessions.
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    My 24 month old nurses 4-5 times a day if we are home, less if we are out and busy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mama.p View Post
    It's really not that bad! I love nursing her. And she's a fast nurser - usually only takes about 10 minutes, except for the marathon session (sometimes an hour and a half!) at bedtime. I only asked because we have dealt with anemia issues in the past, but she was okay the last time they checked. But wanting to nurse more is a symptom of it, so I was just wondering if it was normal or if I should be concerned.

    I was thinking though, that she's on a high-fat diet because she's such a skinny girl, and I had read that the more often they nurse, the higher the fat content of BM. So maybe she's just naturally craving what she needs most of, huh? That, and I think she needs the time to reconnect with mom too. She really is a mama's girl still (don't get me wrong, she loves daddy and the rest of the fam, but when she's busy spending time with other people, she really needs to reconnect afterward). Plus, she's been pretty slow at picking up solids (she does well, just not a lot of interest) which I think may be because of some food intolerances/allergies.

    I just read all these posts from moms with LOs younger than mine who are only nursing like 3-4 times a day and I just wondered if anyone else nursed this often still. It's interesting to see what other toddlers are doing!
    I could've written this My 21m old nurses 10-12 times a day (including night) too. Ours tends to be when she wakes up, 11ish, nap before and after, evening, and the rest is at night. She's always fast too so it isn't hard on me. She's just recently gotten a lot more into solids but still isn't into them as much as others her age. We have a strong family history of allergies too.
    Good luck!

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    glad to hear I don't have the only LO that LOVES to nurse
    Exclusively and every minute of it!!
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    My DD just turned one last Thursday (Woohoo...made it a year and nurses 4 times a day. I just started substituting milk for one feeding during the day, so technically she's down to 3.
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