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Thread: Starting to Get Discouraged

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*twinsarefun View Post
    180 ml - that is 5 1/2 oz. Is that in a 24 hr. period? I think that is wonderful! To go from nothing to this! That is encouraging to me! Keep it up! You are on the road to success. Can you get baby latched? Can he suckle? If you could get that going, your supply will probably jump. Continue to keep us posted! Try to not let dh discourage you. I regret letting mine do that to me and I eased off with pumping when I think I was almost getting towards a turn around with my supply.
    Yes that is from a 24 hr period. I think you have the right idea, to keep in mind I started out with nothing.

    Thanks everyone! DH is starting to become more encouraging. He is telling me to do what I feel is right. i guess its just hard for him since he is seeing me pump so much of my time away.

    How do I measure my output if I nurse him? For the past several days, I have been trying to get him to latch on and it seems like every day he is latching either more times or for longer periods. First, it was for a second. Than a couple. Than a min. I think yesterday we were upto 2 -3 min, not only that he latched... he got on a couple of times yesterday. I'm thinking I need to start an SNS. What do you ladies think?

    Thanks everyone!

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    An SNS helped me. Once baby is nursing, you can't measure supply. But the great news is that you do not have to! You only have to watch baby. If you use the SNS it is easy. You simply latch baby on and give the supplement while he nurses. Then, as your supply increases he will take less and less from the SNS. You still pump after every feeding. Now here is the hard part. You are pumping after you have feed the baby. So the breast will be very empty. You may feel like you are not making progress because you cannot see it. It is tempting to give up. BUT DON'T. It does happen.

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