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Thread: Growth Spurt at 2?

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    Default Growth Spurt at 2?

    I'm just wondering if it is normal or common for 2-year-olds to go through a growth spurt.

    My DD is having a lot of trouble settling for her naps, and begs me in tears, "No na-na (night night)." She can't settle at night either, is eating a ton (3 cobs of corn at one dinner!), and wants to be constantly latched in the morning for a few hours until she wakes up - then wants to nurse for 40 mins or so.

    I haven't noticed a lot more BFing because she has always nursed little sessions all day, but definitely after sleeps she likes to have long nursing sessions, more than usual.

    Is this a growth spurt?

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    Default Re: Growth Spurt at 2?

    I vote growth spurt.

    Mine's 2 and almost 5 months. When he turned 2, all his 24 mo. pants were too long and he was in size 7 shoe. Now his 24 mo pants and most 2T pants are ALL too short 3T are just long enough and he's in a 9.5 shoe. It's crazy! But in a good way.

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    Default Re: Growth Spurt at 2?

    How about teeth???
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