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Thread: Bottlefeeding Problems

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    I know this thread is about pumping, but I can't find a thread for this issue...

    My 10 week old is fantastic with nursing. We only give her breast milk, but I have days of work coming up here and there and need to have her take the bottle with breastmilk.

    We tried our first bottle at 3+ weeks. Hubby gave it to her. She was fantastic - no fuss and she drank an ounce or so. We kept at it about 1 or 2 bottles a week and all was fine.

    One week, my mom stayed with us and kept giving our daughter the pacifier, which she kept refusing (we don't use it and don't know why its even in the house). After that week, she started refusing the bottle as well.

    We've kept at it, but she's not a happy camper. We try to get her before she cries, which at first helped, but even then she only drank about an ounce, ounce and a half. If she got riled up, she would cry for 20 minutes until she exhausted herself and then drank about an ounce.

    Now, she is just refusing it until she cries and cries. My hubby would feed her, I'd hide, go outside. We tried different positions, warming the nipple, warming the milk, but it's not working.

    I am now going to try the Haberman Special Needs bottle, and various nipples...

    does anyone have any advice?... I hate seeing her cry and it gets frustrating for hubby and I. He thinks he should just push through it. I can't stand hearing her cry.

    I am going back to work (contract worker so I have days here and there) on Tuesday night. I hate that this is such a hard thing for our daughter...

    help! Many thanks...


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    Default Re: Bottlefeeding Problems

    Is she still nursing with no problems? Just no artifical nipples right?
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    Default Re: Bottlefeeding Problems

    My DD wont take a sippy or a Bottle either. My mom babysat for us for a few hours and DD refused to take a bottle. I dont work but it would be nice if shed take a bottle or sippy if we wanted to go out. She will however drink from a normal cup. Have you tried that? what about spoon or finger feeding?
    you can cup/finger/spoon feed a young baby.. id ask a Leader or LC about resources for good info
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    Are you heating up frozen or refridgerated milk? If so, next time she refuses, try smelling and/or tasting it. If you realize that it smells or tastes soapy or rancid, you may want to check this link out. My DD suddenly started refusing bottles and it turns out I have excessive lipase (one of the issues the link mentions). Otherwise, keep trying and there are other ways to give the milk besides the bottle if you think it's an artificial nipple thing. You could spoon feed or use a sarynge (sp?) GL!!

    P.S. If it turns out to be excessive lipase, don't be too frustrated. A lot of moms deal with it and there is a very helpful thread here

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    Default Re: Bottlefeeding Problems


    this pdf might help!

    Give your hubby some time he and the baby will work it out.
    LOts of babies have times when they just cry! IT might have nothing to do with the bottle.

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