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Thread: What happened to my left breast?

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    Default What happened to my left breast?

    Hi everybuddies,

    My LO is 4 months old and exclusively breastfed. I'm having a difficult time maintaining my milk supply especially in my left breast. It produces substantially less milk than the right. I'm taking domperidone and also pumping after each feed but it doesn't seem to be working. DD gets fussy and will want more.

    I hardly ever feel that my breasts are "full" and constantly worried if I'm producing enough milk for DD. She's a smaller baby but gaining weight steadily.

    I'm thinking of starting fenugreek in conjunction with domperidone. Any suggestions/advice? Thanks!

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    Default Re: What happened to my left breast?

    Hello ,

    I have struggled with my supply for about 3.5 months now. I am taking Reglan (like what your taking), but in conjunction i take

    Fenugreek - 4 pills/3xday
    Blessed Thistle - 3 pills/3xday
    Nettle - 2 pills/2x day

    I try to take Goat's Rue 1 pill/4x day, but i don't have a lot of that and it's hard to find, so i am only taking it a couple times a day.

    Along with upping my water intake and all of the above, i was able to double my pumping output during the day. But it's still not enough for my LO...but it's more than waht i was getting, and i am able to nurse her from me, when i have her! she is normally content for a couple hours, sometimes 1.5, so i know i still have a 'lower supply' problem, but we just keep pumping and keep trying.

    also - pump your breasts after she eats, it helps to empty them. supposedly it tells your body to make more milk. i haven't had much luck with it, but we've had a tough road since day 1.

    good luck, you are doing great! hang in there!!

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    Default Re: What happened to my left breast?

    How is your lo's diaper output? If your lo has plenty of wet/dirty diapers and is gaining weight, then she is probably getting enough milk. If your left breast seems to be producing less, try nursing from that side for 2 sessions in a row, then switching to the right on the 3rd session. HTH!

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