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Thread: Domperidone and Anti-Depressants?

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    Default Domperidone and Anti-Depressants?

    Does anyone know about taking domperidone with anti-depressants? I would call my LC but she isn't in the office again until Wednesday!

    I am currently just pumping. I was taking herbs but I had to stop them when I started my Paxil because I had to rule out where my side effects (dizziness, nasuea) were coming from. They are from my Paxil so I'm going to start the herbs tomorrow again but I've heard that Domperidone works wonders! I would love to get this milk flowing (it's there but is still so little and I can't pump anything out except a few drops). I get squirted when I manually express a bit out but nothing is substantial to give DS.

    Any thoughts?


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    Default Re: Domperidone and Anti-Depressants?


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    Default Re: Domperidone and Anti-Depressants?

    I'm sorry I am no help
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