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    Unhappy Can't pump enough milk

    Hi All,
    I'm so happy for this forum! My son is 3.5 mos and aprox. 15.5 lbs (he's big!). When I’m home with him breastfeeding he gets enough milk, this is evidenced by his adequate weight gain when I was home with him for the first 3 months exclusively BF. However, now that I'm back at work and he’s in daycare, usually for 4-5 hours day, he needs more food when bottle fed. When bottle fed (at day care or when I leave him with someone) he usually needs 6oz every 1-1.5 hours! I'm fairly certain that he doesn’t get that at my breast per feeding. I don’t know why he needs so much more food. More importantly, I can’t pump enough to feed him at day care. It's impossible for me to, in addition to feeding him, pump at least 3 6oz bottles. I do pump at work when I can but I don’t have too much time and can get maybe 6oz. total. I try to pump at home as well but it's not enough for daycare.
    Starting tomorrow I have no choice but to also feed him formula at daycare. I’m frustrated b.c I know if I was home with him I could exclusively BF. Any ideas about what might be going on? and/or how to get more milk from pumping.
    Thanks so much!

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    So he's taking about 24oz in 4-5 hours!! That's almost what some babies take in a 24 hour period.
    I don't think it's that he needs more milk at daycare, I believe they are probably overfeeding him. That's not good for anybody! This is a very common problem.
    I'm sure they are not intentionally doing it, it's just breastfed babies and formula fed babies are DIFFERENT and most people don't realize it.

    Here's some really great links, and you can print them out to give to your DCP.

    I would encourage you to make SURE you have slow flow nipples, even if it says slow flow, it may not be. It should drip drip drip, not dripdripdrip. Also I would make smaller bottles to send, like 2-4oz bottles. With the point being that he would take smaller bottles more frequently.

    Also, just because he's sucking down the 6oz bottle doesn't mean he's hungry for it. Because when you suck on a bottle it ALWAYS gives you milk, at the breast a baby can control the milk flow with sucking patterns. So with a bottle they suck, that triggers a swallow and then the swallow triggers a suck. Before you know it, they've downed an entire bottle!

    Also, this is a problem we had. The DCP would give DS a bottle, then set him down to clean it. He cried. Now it was not that he was hungry (which my DCP interpreted it to be) he was mad that he was set down!
    So I said, can you hold him while you go clean the bottle? Then walk around with him, see if he calms down and then go from there.
    A bottle is a way to make them happy when you don't know what's wrong!

    I hope this all helps you, I don't think that formula is the answer. You've got to work out something with your DCP - that's A LOT of milk for a breastfed baby.

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    Default Re: Can't pump enough milk

    I agree with everything the wise mama said above & can't add anything else except encourage you to check out the links and talk to the DCP

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    See, i thought it was just my LO that was 4 months and taking 6 oz bottles from my mom during the day! I suggested to my mom to cut back her bottles to around 4 oz since this is what most people's LO's drink, but my peanut was NOT HAPPY about that, and almost sucked her fists off. I know she doesn't get that from me when we nurse at night. I think she eats more throughout the day and then comfort nurses from me at night and first thing in the morning. Most BF babies do it the other way around where they eat more from their mom, and then less from their DCP, but this is not the way my LO does. I don't think she is being overfed, since we tried for a week to cut back and she didn't want to. She does at times though, only take 4.5 and then wants a little 1oz snack before she goes to sleep.

    You may want to have your DCP try to cut back the oz and see how your LO does...but i know it didn't work for mine...so if it doesn't work, don't get upset! I was not able to keep up with my LO demands during the day either, so i have to do some bottles as 1/2 formula and 1/2 bmilk. i wish i had enough to do all bmilk, but i've struggled with this for months already. I am even taking rx for it now to help, along with herbs, etc. i was only pumping 6 oz during the day, and am now up to about 12! so it can increase with some hard work and dedication! Keep up the great job with giving your LO your milk, you are doing the best thing for them!! hang in there!!

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