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    My 17 month old hasn't nursed in 7 days, I think we're done. It was completely mutual, which I am happiest about. She's been at one nursing session a day for about a good three months, so my question is what can I expect? Am I "out of the woods" as far as mastitis and engorgment go? Are there any weird surprises to expect? My breasts feel fine, soft and normal. I know it can take months for them to be "empty", and I'm ok with that. So, any experience from those who have weaned would be great. Thanks.

    P.S 17 months= not too shabby
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    Way to go mama! Good job!
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    This stage is so hard to go thru. I'm glad everyone is happy
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    I am nursing my 15 month old only at night. He nurses right before bed, during the night when he wakes (though not for long ever) maybe 1-3 times, and then once in the morning when I bring him to bed. I just have no clue how to start weaning those times. I would really like to be done by 18 months. Any helpful info? I feel like if I start now, I could be done by then by slowly weaning these last feedings. Any advice since you've just BTDT?
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    Congrats on a long BF relationship!
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    I just recently stopped breastfeeding my 11 month old. She basically weaned herself off. She just stopped drinking first at night then in the morning. I am both sad and happy, and thankful she took the first step. But I have a question, it has been exactly 10 days and suddenly my nipples hurt. I have looked on the web for any info to no avail. All I get is "your pregnant". Does anyone know if this is normal or should I run into my doctors office. Any advice is deeple appreciated. One very confused and in pain Momma of two.

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