Hello everyone, I would like some advice on weaning my 10.5 mo. He has taken a bottle from day 1 and have had success with both bf & giving him bottle. Since I've been back to work, I only nurse him @ nite when I'm putting him to sleep. I would like to start weaning him completely and have read to start cutting out one feeding per day, the nite time session being the last one to take away. Well, when the nite time nursing session IS the only one I do, how do I wean him from that? I'm sort of in a pickle because not only will he have to learn to sleep without the breast, but he will no longer be breastfeeding. Should I just go cold turkey? Or, are there ways to make this as gentle for him as possible?

I've read the Dr. Jay Gordon's approach, but that isn't really working. I've found myself & my son falling back asleep while nursing and I know that's not part of his plan.

Thanks for your help!