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Thread: No milk unless at beginning of feed?

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    Question No milk unless at beginning of feed?

    Hi there. I have a 5 week old, exclusively breastfed. I am pumping to get milk for "date" nights, etc.

    I have about 14 oz stored up and take out about 2 oz every second day or so.

    I only pump in the morning as I have the most milk then.

    NOW...many say to pump AFTER feeding. IF I do that, I get like...2 drops. It is pathetic.

    So I pump one breast while he feeds off another.

    But I want more milk to be stored up. What am I doing wrong? Why is the pump not getting any milk if I pump AFTER feeding? Is it ok to pump during a feed?

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    Default Re: No milk unless at beginning of feed?

    Pumping during a feeding is great! I always had a lot of success with it. As far as pumping after a feeding, if your lo is a good nurser, you may not be able to pump a lot out. But if you do this on a continuous basis, your body should get the signal that more milk is needed. Then the amount you are able to pump should increase. HTH!

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