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    i have a 4 and ahalf lo,and we had our dr appt yesterday,and he discussed adding food soon..he says by 6mo i should begin adding food..i wanted to exclusively bf as long as i can...so any one have any advice about when/how to add food/rice cereal?

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    The AAP recommends exclusive breastfeeding the first 6 months. There is really no hurry to start solids, your baby is getting all the nutrition s/he needs from your breastmilk. For the first year, solids are really more for experimentation and playing than nutrition anyway, so like I said- there is no hurry.
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    You are right to exclusively BF for at least the first six months. Did you look at the Introducing Solids section of this forum? There's lots of discussion about how/when/what. I don't have any advice for you because my LO's 2yrs old and I don't remember, but I noticed your question hadn't got much attention, so I thought I'd redirect you to the Intro Solids section. Hope you find the info you need.

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    I agree with pp.. and just because you introduce solids that does not mean that your lo will wean shortly thereafter.
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    In the first year, food is primarily for play and experimentation. We found that DS went for a few months (6-9 months) without eating more than a couple of tablespoons a day, so he was almost exclusively bf during that time, then slowly increased the amount he wanted on his own from there.
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    heres some info from kelly moms


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