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Thread: What is a typical schedule?

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    Smile What is a typical schedule?

    My daughter is 13 months old and she still breastfeeds at least 4 times a day (sometimes more). I try to stick to a schedule for the most part, but I also just let her nurse on demand. But it usually falls within her normal daily schedule.

    What are other children doing? Also how many naps a day are your children taking? She is still taking 2 naps (one in the morning and one in the afternoon with bedtime around 8:30 pm). I keep hearing that she will only take one nap but I'm wondering when and how that will happen.
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    At 13 mo my DS was nursing probably like 6 to 8 times a day. And he was doing 1 nap a day. Typically about 1-3 pm.

    We (mostly) night weaned at about 18 mo, which dropped his nursing down to about 4 times a day and that's where he's been since.

    early morning (then usually goes back to sleep for another couple of hours)
    wake up (sometimes)
    before nap (on days he's not at preschool)
    after nap (or when we get home from preschool)
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    At 13 months we were still at 2 naps, but transitioned to 1 nap at around 14.5 months.

    We were nursing about 6-8 times during the day and at least 2 times at night. Our schedule looked like this-

    7:00 Nurse
    8:30 Breakfast
    9:00-11 Nurse/Nap
    11- Nurse
    12:30 Lunch
    2:30- Nurse
    4-5:30 Nurse/Nap
    5:30- Nurse
    8:00- Bedtime/Nurse

    Plus nighttime nursing.

    At 16 months our schedule is different.
    6:30 Nurse
    8:00 Breakfast
    9:00 Nurse
    11:00-1:30 Nap/Nurse
    2:30 Lunch
    4:00 Snack
    5:00 Nurse
    6:30 Dinner
    8:00 Bedtime/Nurse

    And we're not night weaned to usually still nurse at least 2 times during the night.

    It's actually very slow going dropping nursing sessions. It's only been recently we've dropped one of the morning ones being replaced by a good breakfast.

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    DD is 14mos and typically nurses 5x's a day plus one bottle EBM at daycare. She'll nurse when she gets up in the morning, after daycare, before bed, and 2x's during the night.
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    Default Re: What is a typical schedule?

    DS didn't drop to one nap until around 18 months, and even then, it was a transition of a month or more where he would sometimes take one and sometimes take two naps.
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    My dd is 21 months, so here is her nursing schedule -

    5 - 6 a.m. nurse
    7 am - wake up nurse
    11 am - nurse
    12:30 pm - nurse down for a nap
    3 pm - wake up nurse
    8:30 pm - go to be nurse
    11 pm - 12 am - usually a nursing session in there somewhere

    If she's teething or cranky or falls, etc. she will usually add in a nursing session as needed. This has been the nursing/feeding/sleeping schedule since she was about a year old. At that time she did nurse a few more times during the day and at night.


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