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Thread: nursing strike... is this the end?

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    Default nursing strike... is this the end?

    these past months since i made the decision to BF my daughter again have been so wonderful. i've never felt so close to her. we've been through a few nursing strikes before that were only a few days and i think were mainly becasue she was teething. this last week however has been different. she has only been wanting to nurse for a few minutes and then she's done or cranky and sort of but not really trying to nurse. today she got mad and pointed at her brothers cup. that's what she really wanted. i'm heartbroken. i guess nature is cruel. i just really started getting some milk
    . the last few days i've been sore but pumping doesn't really do anything. i can get in the shower and express some milk which helps a bit. the letdown i've been feeling has stopped for the last 2 days. i've always had to use a lactation aid so she's getting what she needs. this whole thing is just so sad. i don't even really know what i'm asking. just venting i guess.

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    Default Re: nursing strike... is this the end?

    dear merlinbird,
    How old is your baby? Have you started feeding her solids. When babies start solids it's the first steps towards weaning. My baby is 14 months old and he started a nursing strick when he saw everyone eating food at the table and wanted some. He was seven months. I would give him a little food plus a sippy cup full of water and let him feed himself. Once he was bored with it I went to a quiet place in the house and he nursed. This may help you some. All babies are different and need different approches.
    Good luck, Mandy P.S. Rhyan is still nursing at 14 months

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