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Thread: How much/What does you LO eat?

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    Default How much/What does you LO eat?

    Just curious about how much and what other babies out there eat... as well as how long they've been eating...

    My LO is 6 months. We just started solids (lol if you can call purees solids... it's more like mush) and she's taking to it really well. She doesn't eat much - 2-3 tbsp of cereal and maybe 1-2 tbsp of veggie a day. I generally feed her until she starts turning away - whether that be a couple of bites or meaning I have to go make some more. I guess I am wondering when people start introducing more than one meal a day... Today DD had 2tbsp of oatmeal and 2 tbsp of squash (she enjoys the cereal b/c it's made with my milk so I have been giving her new veggies with the cereal so that she gets a bit of familiar and a bit of new...).
    She is generally in a really good mood after she eats her supper so I am wondering if I should start giving her breakfast as well or if I should wait until she's eating more at the first meal before introducing a second. I don't want to push it on her too fast.

    Sorry for the rambling. Hope I make some sense!
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    Default Re: How much/What does you LO eat?

    I am interested in hearing about this as well

    we also just started solids, and I am offering 2 meals a day.

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    Default Re: How much/What does you LO eat?

    We've been doing solids for a month now. I worked her up to two meals a day, although I don't have her eating more than a cube (I freeze my purees in ice cube trays) at a time.

    I mostly went up to two meals to give the DCP something to feel useful in the daytime. As soon as she heard LO started solids, she wanted to get in on it, and since I prefer her to have what I make, I give her the extras of food LO tried the week before. It was a pre-emptive move to control what my LO eats at daycare. So I am feeding her new stuff at dinner and DCP reminds her of some of her past food firsts for lunch.

    Anywho, I figure this works pretty well since there are sooo many things to try--even under 8mos--and I don't want her to try something and then not get around to feeding it to her again.

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    Default Re: How much/What does you LO eat?

    My DS is almost 6 months. We started about 1 month ago. DS was extremely interested in our food and showing the signs he was ready. We started with Cereal for a few tbs. then veggies and some fruits. I get the gerber foods since I don't have time to make own foods. I stared with 1/2 the tub once a day (he would spit or turn away showing he was done) now he has one tub and wants more, even when breastfed before hand. We give him about 1 1/2 - 2 tubs of solids a day.
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    Default Re: How much/What does you LO eat?

    Since around 9 1/2 mo. DD has been eating 3 X a day and now at 11 1/2 mo. we try to do that + 2 snacks...(and she STILL drinks 24+oz EBM as well)....For breakfast she eats 1/2-1 whole piece of whole wheat toast cut into chunks and dipped in yougart w/ 1/3 - 1/2 banana. FOr lunch she eats a cheese stick, 1/2-3/4 avacado and slices of cantelope, for dinner, for example, she could eat 2 meatballs, and some kind of veggie. This girl CHOWS down! I can't believe she is only 18 lbs! I wish I had her metabolizm...
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    Default Re: How much/What does you LO eat?

    DD started having solids when she was on her 5th month.. i dont give her jarred babyfoods. I tried giving her cereals though (Earth's Best, Gerber Oatmeal with DHA).

    At 8 months.. she's been eating solids 3x a day. She's having fruits, veggies and tofu. I have this baby food grinder from chicco and munchkin's fresh food feeder, it helps a lot since i love giving my baby fresh foods.

    Now that she's already on her 15th month.. she loves eating rice, pasta and the likes. She eats 3x a day and drinks 36-42ml of milk.

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    Default Re: How much/What does you LO eat?

    I tried cereals at 6 mo - but it was a no go. While I was eating, he kept opening his mouth when I would eat guacamole. So, at 6 1/2 mos, he got mashed avocado for a week. Then he went on a bottle strike, so, then we moved on to bananas (Gerber organics) the next week. My mom keeps my son, so if he wouldn't take a bottle he got however much he would eat of the bananas (normally half a tub in the morning & half in afternoon). Week 2 of bottle strike, we moved to Gerber organic sweet potatoes. Now he eats 1-2 tubs a day during the week, and now at 7 1/2 months, he will take rice cereal mixed in with his fruit & veggies - but not with EBM. And, he gets baby food on weekends only if we eat outside the house. Dinner is such a social activity.

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