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Thread: Eliminating 1 feed, pumping and Upset DH

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    Question Eliminating 1 feed, pumping and Upset DH

    I recently posted about starting to wean LO, as I will have reasons at first of the yeart to have nursing down to like two sessions a day.
    I started by eliminating my night pumping before bed time. Wasn't so bad at first, but I had to pump a couple of times during the day the past two days, and now my supply seems to be going up?
    I was pretty engorged over night, so I fed lo at 3 am. Should I also introduce a little block feeding to keep things under control? My right breast produces much more than left, so I am not sure how to handle this, if block feeding will just make this worse? I am not sure how to keep reducing the supply when, when I do have to pump it seems to be counterproductive.

    I am getting more pressure from DH to wean. We have went through the discussion of why Bm is better, cost advantage, etc. etc. I really need to start getting the production under control, because I can't take the constant pressure from DH. He says it is because LO will be getting teeth. Then he says he is tired of hearing me complain (I just get upset when LO gets distracted and won't eat and arches his back, just gets annoying on certain days, otherwise things are good.) I don't complain much at all, as enjoy nursing most days.

    You know there are lots of stresses being a mom, and this just seems to be harder and harder.
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    Default Re: Eliminating 1 feed, pumping and Upset DH

    no advice just hugs for you mama

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    Default Re: Eliminating 1 feed, pumping and Upset DH

    You may try only pumping enough to relieve the engorgement and make yourself comfortable.

    Explain to your dh that weaning is a process, not an event. It really is best on mom and baby to take things gradually. That way your body has time to adjust and your lo has time to adjust.

    My dh is very supportive of BF, but has been known to say things like "Just wean him then", when I am having a bad day and complaining. I explain that I just need someone to vent to just like when he has a bad day at work. He doesn't need or want me to do anything, just to listen and be supportive.

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